The Commission convenes a series of Working Groups and Panels which focus on specific challenges or topics. These are self-organised and open for people to join.

Climate Resilience Working Group 

Leading the Commission’s work on climate risks and impacts, adaptation planning and building capacities for resilience.

Chairs – Gordon Rogers (United Utilities) and Rosa Foster (Environment Agency)

Net-Zero Working Group

Leading the Commission’s work on net-zero and on transitions in energy, housing, the build environment, industry, transport and waste.

Chairs – Professor Andy Gouldson (University of Leeds) and Simon Pringle (Project Rome)

Communities and Engagement Panel

Leading the Commission’s work on inclusion and engagement, and on communication and awareness building.

Chairs – Siobhan Laird (South Yorkshire Climate Alliance) and Amandeep Kaur (EcoSikhUK)

Future Economy Panel

Leading the Commission’s work on business and economy including on employment and skills, finance and investment.

Chairs – Beckie Hart (CBI) and Bill Adams (TUC)

Land and Nature Panel

Leading the Commission’s work connecting the climate emergency to land (inc. food and farming), rural development, ecology and biodiversity and nature-based solutions.

Chairs – Oliver Harmar (Environment Agency) and Rachael Bice (Yorkshire Wildlife Trust)

Research and Evidence Panel

Ensuring that the Commission connects to the region’s research base to strengthen the evidence base underpinning its work and to allow it to foster and benefit from future research. Convened by Yorkshire Universities. 

Chairs – Dr Peter O’Brien (Yorkshire Universities), Monika Antal (Yorkshire Universities) and Professor Dan Parsons (University of Hull)