We aim to promote discussion about policy issues that influence how Yorkshire and Humber can tackle the climate and ecological emergency through this blog series, written by our Senior Engagement and Impact Officer, Andrew Wood and other commissioned guest bloggers.

Can Yorkshire & Humber become the haven our wildlife desperately needs?

Sam Herbert argues that we need to embrace our wilder side before it's too late.

25 March 2024

From COP to Climate Commissions: achieving global goals through regional action

Andrew Wood and Kate Lock examine the progress - or otherwise - of global climate ambitions at COP28 and the importance of Yorkshire & Humber Climate Commission.

29 January 2024

We need to hold our nerve on net zero

Rishi Sunak's announcement on net zero raises huge challenges around fairness, writes Andrew Wood.

27 September 2023

What can we do to transform our food systems?

Andrew Wood looks at what the region is doing to tackle an unsustainable food system.

15 September 2023

The brave space: exploring contested approaches to climate action

Andrew Wood reflects on the Commission's role around controversial topics such as bioenergy with carbon capture and storage.

6 July 2023

Environmental Outcomes Reporting: A system without a vision

Andrew Wood and Sam Herbert reflect on two very different aspects of our current work – a government consultation and an engagement event for families.

18 May 2023

Is it all go for Mission Zero?

Andrew Wood warms to Chris Skidmore MP's independent review of net zero, which Yorkshire and Humber Climate Commission previously responded to.

1 February 2023


Leeds Local Plan Update

Andrew Wood calls the Leeds Local Plan Update a bold step in the right direction and shares Yorkshire and Humber Climate Commission's response.

15 December 2022

How do you spot a good policy?

Andrew Wood reflects on what is meant by 'policy' - and how you can tell a good one from a wish list?

14 December 2022