Opportunities in place to speed up transition

Wed, 12/20/2023 - 17:13


When Yorkshire and Humber Climate Commission was offered the chance to co-host an edition of the Planet Possible podcast reviewing COP28, Commissioner Adam Ashman stepped forward. 

Adam, who is Head of Strategic Planning for Yorkshire Water, joined CIWEM's Niki Roach in the hot seat as they explored what COP28 means at a national and local level. They also heard from CIWEM (the Chartered Institution of Water and Environmental Management) President Bushra Hussain and Chair of the Trustee Board, Annie Shepperd, on their own COP28 experiences.

 “I think it’s fantastic that there a focal point like COP for discussing the climate crisis and that alone is acting as a catalyst for change,"  said Adam. 

"I find it quite scary though, when we hear statements around the energy infrastructure project is not going to be able to deliver till 2030 or 2050 and that there’s a delay in transitioning economies away from fossil fuels.

"I get that change does create uncertainty. And along with that risk, there is opportunity. And hearing what Annie and Bushra said, I wonder whether, globally, we’re worried that we’re spending too much time protecting the interests for today at the expense of the future. 

"And that’s where I see opportunities for organisations like the Yorkshire and Humber Climate Commission to come in and really have that place based focus on the kind of changes that we need to see happen so that we can transition away from fossil fuels faster and get ahead of this climate crisis.” 

Listen to the episode: https://planetpossible.simplecast.com/episodes/cop28 

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