The Climate Action Pledge

As a business / organisation proud to operate in Yorkshire and the Humber, we are committed to playing our part in tackling the climate emergency and enhancing nature in order to make the region a happier, healthier and more sustainable place for both current and future generations.

In support of this, and in line with the broad objectives of the Yorkshire and Humber Climate Action Plan, we commit to taking action to:

  • become ‘climate ready’ – adapting to our changing climate, becoming resilient to future impacts
  • reduce our carbon emissions, with the goal of reaching ‘net zero’
  • enhance nature and biodiversity
  • help promote a just transition that leaves no-one and nowhere behind

We agree that action will be most effective if it is carried out according to these four principles:

Strong leadership

Action on climate and nature will be a top priority within our business / organisation, demonstrating leadership on these issues. We will seek to understand how climate impacts on our corporate risks and develop a strategy that responds to that knowledge. We will also develop tangible targets that we will regularly monitor and report on publicly.

Engaged workforce

We will engage our employees in how we develop action on climate and nature. We will build environmental awareness and climate literacy, benefiting the whole region, and enabling our employees to have a voice in shaping fair climate actions both in the workplace and wider society. This forms part of our broader commitment to providing good quality, secure jobs with decent pay; inclusive and fair policies and practices; and effective employee engagement.

Engaged stakeholders

Climate and nature will inform how we work with others – especially our suppliers, customers or service users and communities. We will do what we can to raise awareness and build broader capacities for climate action across the region through our day-to-day activities and interactions.

Fairness and inclusion

It is important that individuals and communities are not left behind by the changes that will happen in our region to respond to climate change. We will play our part in helping to ensure fairness is at the heart of climate action.

By signing this pledge, we commit to taking action and putting these four principles into practice across our business / organisation, to work with other signatories to share learning and best practice and to regularly share updates on our progress with the Yorkshire and Humber Climate Commission.


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