In an election year that is complex for climate policies, we have picked out some of the big talking points for the region where we know there is good, factual evidence that can cut through the electoral noise.

We want these to be useful for everyone to discuss and share when thinking about the policies we need to make Yorkshire and Humber a climate-safe, zero carbon region that prioritises nature's recovery and a just transition for all.

Our Climate Talking Points briefing identifies four key policy changes that we believe will do the most to unlock climate action in the region.

  1. Set out a clear path to reducing emissions and restoring nature, and empower places to impose targets and go further and faster on that journey than national government targets, if they wish.
  2. Create locally managed funding pots, on minimum five-year financial cycles, so that key sectors (eg housing upgrades, public transport, and active travel) don't need to bid repeatedly for multiple, disjointed funding sources.
  3. Join up climate, skills, and economy strategies and ensure they address the big challenges together, including ageing populations, poverty, skills shortages, and climate risks.
  4. Commit to a 'nature first' approach to publicly funded infrastructure projects so that our buildings and infrastructure can cope with future climate scenarios, and that nature recovery is woven in to all climate actions.

Public event

The Climate Talking Points will be presented at an online public event on Wednesday 13 March, 19.00-20.30. Find out more and book to attend.

Download the document

You can read the full document below - click on the downloads.