Connecting people, groups and organisations across Yorkshire 

Marian Kempson describes some of the voluntary work of Zero Carbon Yorkshire. 

What is Zero Carbon Yorkshire?  

 We are a Yorkshire-wide network of groups, people and organisations committed to moving towards a low and net zero carbon county. We also focus on aspects of climate resilience, inclusion and the natural environment.  

 How do your networks share knowledge about zero carbon issues? 

We work in partnership with the Green Building Store and Community Energy England, who provide valuable expertise and speakers for some of our events. For example, since the Covid pandemic began, we have hosted various events online. These events have been led and organised by our buildings, transport and energy groups. Between 50 and a 100 people have attended event each event in order to share knowledge and experience.   

 Have there been any unexpected benefits of moving your events online?  

Yes! Going online meant that people from all over Yorkshire could share their experience and made it much easier to find expert speakers from across the UK.  

Holding events online also offers us the opportunity to promote ourselves, increase our profile and gain a wider reach. Setting up an online event was easy and the number of people attending and the sharing of knowledge superb - showing how important these networks are. 

What is the impact of your work?  

Very useful information and knowledge has been shared on a variety of aspects such as improving domestic insulation and passive house, low traffic neighbourhoods and improving cycling provision. Although we do not have the resources to track and research the impact of our work, people often tell us what they are planning to do that will reduce carbon emissions. So we know that our work has increased the number of people and groups with more knowledge, motivation and the ability to take action.  

 What would help others to replicate your success?  

 Being willing to set up online events and share knowledge across the region.  We have learnt that having one person looking after the technical side of online hosting, as well as the use of the chat facility, has enabled people to share their experience. Member groups are welcome to hold events online as part of Zero Carbon Yorkshire.  

Photo credit: Chris Montgomery, Unsplash